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As a storm grows, it goes through a series of stages before being classified as a hurricane. The classifications are based on the wind speeds in the storm, not the size of the storm.
Sea level is higher than usual underneath a hurricane. This isn't noticeable when a storm is over the ocean, but when it approaches land, the high sea level can cause dangerous coastal flooding called storm surge.
When a hurricane strikes a coastal area, it brings a number of hazards like heavy rain, high winds, storm surge, and even tornadoes.
If you are looking for a hurricane, head to the tropics just north and south of the equator.
If you live in an area that is affected by hurricanes, it is important that you and your family create a plan for what to do in a hurricane, and pull together an emergency supply kit.
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What would you do to stay safe during a hurricane? Carol Park shares her story.
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